Avery Singer
| December/January 2018

A profile on the painter for Interview's annual roundup of young, up-and-coming artists.

Sahra Motalebi
| December/January 2018

A profile on the prolific musician and performer for Interview's annual roundup of young, up-and-coming artists.

Jason Moran
| November 2017

The celebrated jazz pianist reflects on collaborating with Julie Mehretu on an original score inspired by her paintings for a performance at Performa 17.

"Sex Work" at Frieze London
| October 2017

Alison Gingeras curates a tintillating new section for the original contemporary art fair.

William Forsythe
Numéro | September 2017

A profile on the world-renowned choreographer as reflects on the art world and his first solo show at Gagosian. Appeared in Numéro's first-ever "Art" issue.

Mary Heilmann
| Summer 2017

Catching up with the artist on the occasion of her show at The Dan Flavin Institute.

Fredi Devas
| April 2017

A conversation with the director and producer behind Planet Earth II's "Cities" episode.

"Studio Visit: Ugo Rondinone"
 | December/January 2017

The Swiss-born artist showed us around his Harlem studio.

Noah Horowitz
| November 2016

An interview with the director of Art Basel Miami Beach.

Claire Danes
Surface | September 2016

The host of Art21's new season, Danes ponders the relationship between physical space and creativity. (As-told-to)

Jack Shainman
| August 2016

An interview with the Chelsea gallerist. Featured in Surface's Power 100 issue.

Terry Crews
Surface |
August 2016

As-told-to essay. Crews reflects on the changing landscape of Downtown Los Angeles. (As-told-to)

"Women of Abstract Expressionism" at Denver Art Museum
| June 2016

A major exhibition highlights the accomplishments of the non-male AbEx painters.

Lionel Maunz
| April 2016

Delving into his solo show at Bureau gallery, the artist sheds light on his work's disturbing, elegant aesthetic.

Gerasimos Floratos
| March 2016

Growing up in his father's Times Square deli made for quite a backyard, so it's no surprise that the now-29-year-old painter has no shortage of imagination.

"Don't Make a Scene" at Kai Matsumiya
InterviewMagazine.com | February 2016

Through a series of one-off, rapid-fire solo shows staged over a five-week period, gallerist Kai Matsumiya puts each artist in the spotlight, for a short while. 

Agathe Snow
| November 2015

Catching up with the storied New York artist in advance of her solo show at Journal Gallery.

Amalia Ulman
Interview | October 2015

An interview with the up-and-coming artist.

Extended online Q&A

Ethan Greenbaum
| July 2015

Greenbaum shares how he became inspired by the mundane details and symbols underpinning New York City's infrastructure.

"Pheromone Hotbox" at Steven Kasher Gallery
| January 2015

Five up-and-coming photographers answer a few questions about their life and work.

Jacolby Satterwhite
| December 2014

The 28-year-old artist explains how he creates his intricate digital videos. Featured in "15 Faces of 2015."

Elizabeth Jaeger
The New York Times | October 2014

Profiled for "Up Next," the weekly column in Fashion & Styles.

Diana Al-Hadid
| February 2014

An interview with the artist in advance of her solo show at Marianne Boesky.

Andrew Carmellini
| April 2013

Talking to the renowned chef as he prepares for the opening of Lafayette.